Whether on the flight deck of a modern aircraft or in a control room of an oil rig, whether in an operating theatre of an ICU or within a crisis management team of a large company - human beings have to accomplish complex tasks with far-reaching consequences. How can we keep up with continuously increasing demands?

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Everyday work in complex high risk environments often requires well-structured decisions in stressful situations - this not only makes life easier, it can be vitally important! By applying communication and decision-making methods from aviation, the quality of your decisions can improve to a large extent which in turn can reduce and mitigate risks.

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Once a workshop or a seminar is completed, the transfer into practical results begins; we offer continuous support, consulting and advice during the entire process if desired. This can include development of software tools or professional support for the set-up of an own human factors department in your company.

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Errors do occur in every complex working environment - that is an inevitable fact. However, one can influence their frequency and their consequences in a positive way. The question is: how do we deal with errors - as an organisation, a team or as an individual?

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